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Kim Dexter - 'So This Is It '

Kim Dexter - 'So This Is It ' - The Review

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Kim Dexter - So This Is It

Kim Dexter - So This Is It

Courtesy of: 7K Records
You may remember Kim Dexter from her years fronting Mayfair Laundry. She’s still got those same breathy vocals, but she’s on her own now, debuting So This Is It.

This material is less energetic but still lively, covering anthemic ballads to techno dance tracks. Dexter’s sugary vocals are actually perfect for pop, and her self-penned music plays to her strengths nicely on So This Is It.

Opener “Kiss the Son” is a sly mix of ear-candy pop and spiritual lyrics. The album’s first single, “Wait,” features guest vocals by Christian music icon Bryan Duncan. Many of these tracks are deeply worshipful lyrically, but some work better than others in creating that vertical connection. The moving piano ballad “We Need Jesus” is one that succeeds beautifully, very Sunday-morning ready. The slow-burning “Broken-Hearted” leads straight to the Throne, and “To Get to You” is an open plea for contact. Dexter has scattered some pop dance tracks throughout but “So This Is It” is heavy with piano ballads. The very dramatic “Your Promises” stands out for its slow-building power, and closer acoustic ballad “You Were There All Along” reminds us of God’s steadfast presence. Dexter’s unique vocals make her a potential pop queen and I imagine that this, combined with her writing style, would open many doors to reach young people. I can think of a half dozen young friends who I know will thoroughly enjoy Kim Dexter’s solo debut.

Kim Dexter - 'So This Is It ' - The Basics

  • Style: Pop

  • 11 songs

  • Release Date: August 2006

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