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Travis Cottrell – 'Found'

Travis Cottrell – 'Found'

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Travis Cottrell - Found

Travis Cottrell - Found

Courtesy of: Indelible
  • Dramatic worship on a grand scale
  • Worshipful lyrics


  • Not all will take to Cottrell’s unique style

  • Style: Classical pop
  • Released: November 2006

Travis Cottrell – 'Found' - The Review

The lyrics are strongly worshipful, and represent the heart of this young leader who says he is a worship leader first. But musically it is more along the lines of Josh Groban, worship on a very grand dramatic scale. Produced by Kent Hooper, the album showcases Cottrell’s stirring vocals featured in sweeping melodies and symphonic instrumentation.

“I am a worship leader first,” Cottrell says of the new project from Indelible, “but this kind of music was always a part of who I am, always part of my ministry—symphonic in nature, sacred without being churchy, big vocals, big singing…. This is the first time I could really open up and sing on my own terms. This is the record my life has been pointing to.”

The tone throughout is one of grandeur, but Cottrell also mixes things up a bit along the way. He adds a boy’s choir to “Sanctus,” their hushed vocals adding a very sacred feel to the track. The rhythms and instrumentation of “2000 Years” give a Mid-Eastern flair that comes across as very authentic on this deeply worshipful song. Cottrell surprised me with the John Denver song, “Annie’s Song,” presented with great drama. Its lyrics fit marvelously with a worship theme. “We Long For You” builds from quiet passion to a crescendo of adoration, thick with strings, Cottrell’s vibrato-rich tenor soaring over all to a spine-tingling finish.

Not every listener will take to Travis Cottrell’s elegant Found, but for those who like adventure and the classics, settle in for some moving dramatic music on a grand scale. The rest of you, remember: change is good.

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