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Adam Cunningham - 'Adam Cunningham'

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Adam Cunningham

Adam Cunningham

Courtesy of: Provident

The Bottom Line

Adam Cunningham has a sound that I imagine you would get if you were to combine Jeremy Camp and Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. He's easy to listen to; so easy, in fact, that if you're not careful, you'll miss what he's saying, and that would be a tragedy.
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  • "You Are My God"
  • "Motion Sickness"
  • "Don't Let Go"


  • None that I found


  • Style: Modern Rock
  • 13 songs
  • Released: March 2007 on Trackstar

Guide Review - Adam Cunningham - 'Adam Cunningham'

Adam's story of coming back to God involves a serious medical problem that he couldn't control. His son needed healing, and no matter how good Adam was at living a successful life, he couldn't pull that one off. He turned to God and thankfully, God could and He did. Adam gave his life back to the Lord and turned back to music as his way of sharing the Savior that saved us all.

Through the whole album you hear his story. You hear the hope, the long-forgotten faith and the wonder of a man who has realized that although he pretty much abandoned God, God never abandoned him.

I love this CD because I've been there. Life was good and I thought I was the strongest woman on the planet, so I didn't rely on the Lord because I was doing such a great job of "handling" things on my on. Then I met a situation that I couldn't handle and went to my knees. I didn't expect to be picked up, but I was and I was changed in the process.

Did I rant and rave at God at the "unfairness" of it all? Nope, because when I broke, I simply didn't have the strength. I had this tiny flicker of hope and when it flared to a bonfire, I was so grateful for the light and warmth, that I held on to it.

I think that Adam went through much the same thing, and looking back on it all when he wrote the songs for the album, the hope overshadowed the fear and the pain. Some might call the release just another "feel good" album, buy hey, when your child is miraculously healed, what are you going to focus on when you tell people about it?

Highlights on the CD include my favorite track, "Friend Of Mine," which is a retrospective song. When you come back to Christ, you tend to look back on all of the opportunities to share him that you missed while you were away. Other gems are "One Angel" and "Motion Sickness." There are lots of magical moments on this one, so treat yourself to a copy.

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