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Article One - 'Colors and Sound'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating
User Rating 5 Star Rating (1 Review)


Article One - Colors and Sound

Article One - Colors and Sound


The Bottom Line

Layers of several different instruments and absolutely perfect mixing make Colors and Sound high-end on the musical scale. To my ear, the vocals were mixed a bit low because I really had to strain to make out all of the words, which, for a vocalist like me, is definitely a downer. Don't get me wrong -- it wasn't a case of "What did he say?" every single time. It was more of a key-phrase "Huh?" kind of thing. That didn't stop this from being an enjoyable CD though. Article One has definitely grown since their debut release.
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  • Great for the entire family
  • More of a "Euro" sound than other Christian pop bands around now


  • While the music is great, the vocals are a little low, making it hard to pick out all of the lyrics


  • Style: Pop
  • 14 songs
  • Released: May 2008 on Inpop Records

Guide Review - Article One - 'Colors and Sound'

Colors and Sound is what you would expect from Article One ... but then again, it it's more than that. This group has grown since their debut release and they show some real strengths in Colors and Sound. Still very "listener friendly," this is one of those albums that holds appeal for listeners of all ages.

Lyrically, while I had a bit of trouble understanding some of the lines, what I did get was a bulls-eye. This isn't your standard, generic, pop fare. They go deeper than generic. Take "Never Too Late To Call" for example...

    I'll pray from a distance for the tears that you cry. We've all cut corners, all fallen short, there's lessons to learn from mistakes.

"Love You Tomorrow" is another good one...

    If fires burned through our lives and left us nothing/Took away all we had made and had our hopes in/Whatever comes, if it be joy or sorrow/I promise you that I will love you tomorrow.

This band may not have made a huge splash when they debuted but they're making up for that now. It's as if they've found their groove and they're definitely making it their own.

Article One has a bright future ahead of them as they continue to grow and evolve.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
, Member elishalindsey

This CD was the best album by Article One yet. I have yet to hear any other Contemperary Christian Music group that has as interesting a pulse as Article One sends out.

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Kim Jones
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