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Audio Adrenaline - 'Adios, The Greatest Hits'

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Audio Adrenaline - Adios

Audio Adrenaline - Adios

Courtesy of: Forefront Records

The Bottom Line

Audio Adrenaline will always hold a special place in my heart because my first interview was done with Will, so it's with a sense of the bittersweet that I say goodbye. Their music has been a staple in Christian music for 15 years, and Adios gives a good taste of things that were and things that will remain.


  • 12 Former Number One Hit Songs


  • This is it ... no more AudioA - and after 15 years, that's a hard pill to swallow


  • Style: pop
  • 17 songs
  • Release Date: August 2006 on Forefront Records

Guide Review - Audio Adrenaline - 'Adios, The Greatest Hits'

One of the industries top bands, 2004 and 2006 GRAMMY Awards winning Audio Adrenaline has added a final chapter to its long running career with Adios: The Greatest Hits, which released on August 1, 2006. The album features 17 tracks, including 12 #1 hits and two new songs, "Goodbye," (currently on radio) and a cover of The Alarm's "Blaze Of Glory," the band's way of going out on top without taking itself too seriously, all the way to the end.

So what can you say about a band that has spent 15 years making music saying goodbye with a "greatest hits" CD? What more could I possibly say about songs like "Big House," "Pierced" and "Leaving 99?" Audio Adrenaline hasn't sold over 3 million records by making bad music!

I would have to say that AudioA is going out on a strong note with Adios, but I'll admit, I wish that they had released a double CD. That way they could have included some other faves, without sacrificing the hits they did include. Had they asked me for a wish list, I would have voted for "Dirty," "Tremble," "I Hear Jesus Calling" and "What You Need" to be on their swan song. I'm betting that every AudioA fan out there could put together a wish list of their own with no problems. That's the thing about Audio Adrenaline's music ... for every fan, there is a story there; a part of your own walk that their music sets a perfect back-drop to.

Thanks Audio Adrenaline - for putting part of my own story to music and reminding me why I'm here.

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