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Building 429 - 'Rise'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Building 429 - Rise

Building 429 - Rise

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The Bottom Line

Overall Rise is a strong showing for Building 429 and they should feel good about successfully overcoming the dreaded "sophomore slump." The album flows well from start to finish with good energy, plenty of emotion and honesty and a well-done sound mix. I enjoyed the musical journey on Rise.
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  • 'Rise' shows definite growth all the way around
  • More of an edgy rock sound


  • The guest appearance by Michael Tait didn't showcase his talent as much as I would have liked


  • Style: Rock
  • 11 songs
  • Released: March 14, 2006

Guide Review - Building 429 - 'Rise'

The guys from Building 429 have put together a strong release with their latest album, Rise. The CD opens with a rockin' track called "Searching For A Savior" that touches on the journey we all walk in our lives while searching for answers.

Track two, "Fearless," is a well-done tune that deals with faith and how we have to stand on our beliefs while facing life. Next in the line-up, "Home," is a powerfully written ballad that is done surprisingly well and has powerful lyrics.

A real gem on this album is "Fighting To Survive." The entire song rocks and the vocal delivery and honest lyrics make it one of the best songs on the CD. "I Believe" is another winner. The musical transitions and heartfelt emotions make this a definite attention getter. "Empty," a cool collaboration with Michael Tait, brings a lot of "umph" to the table, but overshadows Tait's vocals a bit much for my taste.

The title track, "Rise," had a great deal of emotion in it, but seemed a bit on the bland side musically. However, the lyrics make up the difference.

Bottom line - this CD is solid and fans of Building 429 won't be a bit disappointed.

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