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By The Tree - 'World On Fire'

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By The Tree - World On Fire

By The Tree - World On Fire

Courtesy of: Fervent/Warner

The Bottom Line

By The Tree didn't reinvent themselves or the wheel with World On Fire, and while they sound a bit different on the vocal end of things, they are still the By The Tree that we've come to know and love.
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  • Aaron Blanton brings a great new sound to the lead vocals


  • No Chuck Dennie - and as much as I miss his sound, Aaron doesn't drop the ball


  • Style: Pop/rock
  • 11 songs
  • Release Date: September 26, 2006 by Fervent / Spirit-Led Records

Guide Review - By The Tree - 'World On Fire'

Deeply passionate is a great way to describe By The Tree and the music that they create, and World On Fire is no exception. Yes, Chuck has moved on to lead worship in Texas with his wife, so there is a different face behind the mic, but it's not a new face at all. Aaron came out from behind the drums and literally "stepped up to the mic." He carries on the tradition of powerful passion that the original group ran with from day one. New drummer Garrett Goodwin makes for a nice addition back behind the kit.

The album starts off with a witnessing-tool type song, "All Around You." The big sigh of relief that By The Tree still sounds sort of the same is immediate! Track 2, "I Will Follow You" is one of those "yep - I can relate" songs. On those days when it seems like the race is too hard and the finish line is no where in sight, this is the perfect song to remind you that tying a knot and hanging on isn't defeat. My favorite track on the release is the title track. The band described the song best when they said, "This song is an anthem of the life that was given to us by Jesus, and the hope He provided us. The world we walk around in is not the end- but while we are here, he has given us the Holy Spirit, and the ammunition to set this world on fire for God. Until He returns, our commission is to touch lives and share of the hope of a world on fire for God."

All in all, I'd say that the band did good on this one!

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