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Clint Brown - 'Fall Like Rain'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Clint Brown - Fall Like Rain

Clint Brown - Fall Like Rain

TMG Records

The Bottom Line

Blending powerful praise with tender worship is something that Clint Brown does quite well. Fall Like Rain, his 16th release, showcases that particular talent quite well. In fact, the only thing that outshines his versatility is his obvious dedication to bringing listeners to a place of praise and worship.


  • A mix of engaging melodies and meaningful lyrics with speeds that go from slow and easy to wide-open


  • A couple of the songs are a little too lyrically repetitive for my taste


  • Style: Contemporary Praise & Worship
  • Released: February 2008
  • 16 Tracks

Guide Review - Clint Brown - 'Fall Like Rain'

With over 300 songs under his belt, some being recorded by artists like Beverly Crawford, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Ron Kenoly and Vicki Winans, Pastor Clint Black is no stranger to contemporary praise and worship music. Fall Like Rain is a testiment to how well the man does at mixing upbeat praise with quiet, reflective worship.

From the opening notes in the intro to the reprise of "Fall Like Rain," Clint Brown seems to transport you into a church service, with plenty of opportunities to praise the Lord.

Praise Him!

Upbeat and full of life, "Awesome God" is a foot-stomping praise song that gets you on your feet. There is a perfect segueway into the funky groove behind "I Can't Get Enough." "I'm Forgiven" sounds a lot like the 80's R&B group All-4-One's "Keep It Goin' On" musically, but I dare you to sit still while you listen.

Worship Him

Powerful and intense worship songs like "I Will," with it's majestic feel, "Worthy to be Praised" and "I Surrender All" take you to that place where you feel like it's you and Jesus - one-on-one.

Yep ... just like a good church service! The only thing missing is the sermon that seems like it is speaking straight to your heart. But hey, for Clint Brown's sermons, all you have to do is go visit FaithWorld Church in Orlando, Florida.

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