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DA MINISTA - 'John Miller's Son...Still Preachin'

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DA MINISTA - John Miller's Son...Still Preachin'

Da Minista - John Miller's Son...Still Preachin'

Da Minista

The Bottom Line

Helping people find "life in the midst of adversity" is what gospel rapper DA MINISTA creates his songs for. For this military veteran, rapper, pastor, husband and father of three, this isn't entertainment ... it's ministry and he's for real.


  • Even if you're not a rap fan, you can't argue with the lyrics ... this guy is real!


  • Not a one


  • Style: Hip-Hop
  • 11 songs
  • Released: Sep 13, 2005

Guide Review - DA MINISTA - 'John Miller's Son...Still Preachin'

Just listen to his opening track, "Change Gonna Come," which is written from a leader's perspective and you'll quickly see that Tim Miller aka DA MINISTA isn't just in this for the glam ... he's in it through the hard work and whatever else it takes to do the work of our Lord.

    Shedding tears over things they done done to me. And at the same time praying for folks that come to me. And ain't it sad when you pray for folks and you need prayer. And when you turn around and look it ain't nobody there. And they be acting like you don't never need a thing. So I'm holding onto Jesus waiting for a change.

Tim Miller grew up in rural Mississippi with twelve brothers and sisters. Life centered around Christ and family and the lessons learned in that house of love are what he strives to bring to the people as a minister and a rapper. He does it well. Malaco Records did well by signing DA MINISTA as their first Christian hip-hop artist. He's got one of the best messages you'll hear this year, a lot of diversity in his music and some serious talent doing his background vocals. What more could you ask for?

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