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Day of Fire - 'Losing All'

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Day Of Fire - Losing All

Day Of Fire - Losing All

Provident/Razor & Tie Records

The Bottom Line

Day of Fire has stretched their wings even farther than before, delivering an album that will win them new fans and completely satisfy old fans. Covering all of the bases -- great music, intense lyrics and complete honesty -- Losing All may well put Day of Fire back in the Dove "winner" category!
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  • The ballads are as good as the rockers
  • The lyrics speak to your heart and don't hide from the ugliness that we sometimes get ourselves into


  • The 57 sec. "Strange" - Good, but it leaves you hanging wondering what happened to the rest of it!


Guide Review - Day of Fire - 'Losing All'

The members of Day of Fire aren't strangers to hit records (after all, they did win the Dove “Rock Album of the Year” Award for their debut, self-titled release), so what happens after their third album hits stores shouldn't catch them off guard. Yep - it's that good!

Losing All was written over a three-year period, giving them plenty of time to craft songs with meat, meaning and depth. You want honesty in your lyrics? Check out "Cold Addiction" with its no holes barred look at cocaine addiction. The Nirvana-esque sound backs up cold, hard truths about drug addiction and proves (yet again) that Josh Brown doesn't hide from who he used to be; instead he embraces who he became one he allowed Christ to take over his life.

"Airplane" is another "as real as it gets" tune. The ballad talks about when Josh first met his wife and his wishes that he could go back in time to do it again -- just better.

Want head-banging rock? Look no farther than "Hey You." Thick and dirty from beginning to end with a chorus that will stick in your head longer than should be allowed by law, guitarist Joe Pangallo gets to show off a bit of his chops and dang! The boy can play! "We Are No One" is another rock masterpiece that does everything right. Bassist Chris Pangallo (Joe's brother) and drummer Zach Simms drive a hard back-beat for the contagious tune and Joe shows out a little more.

My favorite song, "The Dark Hills" closes the album out with a bang. If you ever had a question about how real Day of Fire's Christian stance is, this pièce de résistance answers it -- in spades!

Twelve amazing songs make this the best Day of Fire album (so far). And a 13th tune, even though it only rings in at 57 seconds, leaves you wanting more.

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