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1000 generations - 'Prayers'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


1000 generations - Prayers

1000 generations - Prayers

1000 generations

The Bottom Line

On Prayers, husband-wife team Steven and Amanda Potaczek debut with this eclectic mix of original worship songs, piano-driven arrangements with a world feel. Pleasantly unique and easy on the ears and the spirit, there's a lot to like in this uplifting offering.


  • Decidedly original writing and arrangements
  • A great tribal vibe on several songs


  • None


  • Style: original worship
  • Released October 10, 2003
  • 11 songs

Guide Review - 1000 generations - 'Prayers'

An independent offering self-produced in a home studio, "Prayers" is amazingly seamless with excellent production values. Steven and Amanda Potaczek are the head worship leaders at their Indiana Vineyard church, and their talented team brings life to their excellant writing.

I have to say that I liked all 11 songs, with the first two, "He Is Yahweh" and "Eyes" as particular favorites due to their African influences, shades of Paul Simon's "Graceland." All songs but "He is Yahweh" are written by Steven Potaczek. Lyrically laced with meaningful truths, the simple percussive/piano arrangements are strikingly powerful. "All That You Are," a haunting song of praise for God's attributes is a good example: "Indeed a wondrous plan composed/You're the master of design/That only by your might exposed/Could love and justice intertwine." "All of These Wonders," again reminiscent of Paul Simon, is a rousing celebration of God's miracles. "Lily of the Valley," following the same theme, is enriched by beautiful cello strains that fit perfectly with the message. "Obsessed" is a joyful paean to the supremacy of God. "Save Me" is an uplifting anthem of God's superiority over troubles. This CD will lift your spirit and point you to God, exactly what you want from worship music.

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