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Andy Hunter - 'The Songs of Life'

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Andy Hunter - The Songs of Life

Andy Hunter - The Songs of Life

The Bottom Line

Loud, but with a light touch, Andy Hunter's sophmore release, The Songs of Life is a nice blend of ministry and modern dance music.
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  • Edgy, passionate, and danceable


  • First two tracks a bit repetitive, but that is a techno hazard


  • Style: Dance/electronica
  • 6 originals (promoted as an EP, it's actually 44 minutes in length)
  • Released: May 24, 2005

Guide Review - Andy Hunter - 'The Songs of Life'

Techno music is here to stay so get over yourself if you're still fighting the inevitable. That being said, Andy Hunter is one of the genre's more successful Christian artists, having had his music placed in major film and TV venues, as well as video games. In other words, he is reaching the culture. Rock on, Andy.

This sophomore offering is, for the most part, exciting and well produced. I have to say the project's first two tracks tend to bog down, but the following four are exciting, airy and innovative. "Alive" brilliantly includes the recorded heartbeat of Hunter's son's sonogram, which adds a sense of majesty and drives home the life-affirming lyrics. The vocals of Christine Glass shine through and add a powerful tone of ecstasy. The melodic standout is the worshipful "Lifelight," lyrically intense and expressive. Open up your mind and let your body follow you into the pulsating groove of cultural pioneer Andy Hunter.

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