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Will Derryberry - 'Target of Your Favor'

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Will Derryberry - Target of Your Favor

Will Derryberry - Target of Your Favor

The Bottom Line

Target of Your Favor by Will Derryberry offers great original songs of deep passion put together by a thoroughly professional team.
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  • Accessible songs that rock out great truth


  • None


  • Style: Rock Blues
  • 10 Original songs
  • Release date: May 27, 2005

Guide Review - Will Derryberry - 'Target of Your Favor'

I'm a big blues fan so I came to the project with high hopes. And while Target of Your Favor is more rock than blues, I wasn't disappointed and I can't imagine any listener would be either. Eric Clapton's influence is deep, and all of you Third Day fans are gonna love Will Derryberry.

As a worship leader, he met with songwriter John Cordova. This divine collaboration grew to include writer Lou Carlozo of Blue Lit Souls fame, and the seeds of "Target" were born. Enter co-producer Danny Duncan and some seasoned session musicians, and you get a collection of 10 original songs that gloriously declare the joys of grace. Did I mention that they ROCK?

Opening strong with "A God Like You," a joyous anthem of celebration, the Third Day comparison is unavoidable. Cordova's lyrics are pointed and you discover that the focus of this great music is grace. "Target of Your Favor" continues the intelligence with clever wordplays. These songs drip passion, from the encouragement of "Under His Wing" to the fat hooks of "More Than a Man." One of the strengths of this project is the passion to please God, coming across strongly to inspire listeners. The gravelly vocals of "Altar" entreat us to trust. The industrial "Flying Higher" breaks out and "Out of the Darkness" rips loose with a bluesy bridge and great backup vocals. The one ballad, "Father Smile," is achingly sincere and the earnest passion is powerful. Derryberry has done so many things right on this debut, you'd be foolish to miss it.


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