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Eric Heatherly - 'The Lower East Side of Life'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Eric Heatherly – The Lower East Side of Life

Eric Heatherly – The Lower East Side of Life

Koch Records

The Bottom Line

While many people may know that Eric Heatherly is a great country artist, there's more to the man than just music. Eric is also a Christian who openly credits God for saving his and his band mates' lives during a horrible roll-over accident.
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  • Rockabilly at its best
  • Honest and raw


  • While it’s an outstanding album on its own, the lyrics aren't "Christian" oriented.


  • Style: Country rock
  • 11 original songs
  • Released: April 26, 2005

Guide Review - Eric Heatherly - 'The Lower East Side of Life'

Make no mistake: Eric Heatherly can play some great guitar. Strong masterful chops with hints of Brian Stetzer madness. On The Lower East Side of Life, his sophomore effort, he performs all the instruments and vocals on the project except for the drums. He wrote, or co-wrote, every track. Talent by the ton. And these songs cover the gamut of human life, or the lower east side anyway. From the world’s judgments, from the frustrations of the posers and deceptive users of the music biz, to the joys of parenthood and the musical life, Heatherly covers them all, and covers them well. He swings his way through these engaging songs, laying out his observations and philosophies with those appealing husky vocals.

I’m tellin’ you, you don’t have to like country to like Heatherly. He’s got attitude to spare and some of these truth-packed tunes really rock (try to keep your feet still on “Workin’ My Way Down.” I dare ya.) There’s not much God-references on this CD, which doesn’t mean anything other than it is not overtly “Christian music.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that…….

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