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FFH - 'Still the Cross'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


FFH - Still the Cross

FFH - Still the Cross


The Bottom Line

Let me come out of the gate by saying I liked Still the Cross. It said some very powerful things to me through well crafted music and lyrics. In my opinion, it's the best FFH project to date. Jeremy should continue to co-produce all of their releases.


  • Very inspirational lyrics


  • None


  • Style: Inspirational
  • Released: September 28, 2004
  • Songs: 10

Guide Review - FFH - 'Still the Cross'

Still the Cross was a pleasant surprise for me musically. Beautiful, soul-stirring music that was very well written, combined with heartfelt lyrics resulted in a powerful message and a powerful CD. The harmonies that this group pulled off were a really exciting plus and just added more "punch" to the album and the vocals were tender, yet strong. Anyone who believes that Contemporary Christian music is boring will change their tune once they hear this CD. These songs could easily become modern-day hymns and will definitely be favorites of CCM fans.

Jeremy, Jennifer, Brian and Michael went into this project with a more "hands on" and "from the heart" approach working with Casting Crowns' producer Mark Miller. They found a wonderful blend that is worth checking out.

The band itself has seen some challenges it seems, and they are more than willing to share with their listeners. "This album comes from an 'honest place' we've all reached as individuals in the last year and a half," says Brian Boggs. "The ten songs we finally chose came together as a collection of what God has been putting on our hearts."

My personal favorite tracks were "You Drive I'll Ride," "Still the Cross," "The Long Haul" and "You Love Me Anyway." Good job guys ... my hat is off to you!

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