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Group 1 Crew - 'Ordinary Dreamers'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Group 1 Crew - Ordinary Dreamers

Group 1 Crew - Ordinary Dreamers

Fervent Records

The Bottom Line

Group 1 Crew takes the sound that won them the Dove Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year earlier this year and makes it bigger and better on Ordinary Dreamers, while still keeping it roughly the same. Fans will love this release and new listeners will catch up pretty quickly.
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  • Group 1 Crew proves again that you can praise God and have fun doing it
  • A wonderful blend of rap, R&B and pop makes this release work
  • "Live Out Loud!" - the perfect anthem for fans of all ages


  • They didn't move far past their debut sound, but that's not necessarily a bad thing


  • Style: Hip Hop meets R&B and pop
  • 14 songs
  • Released: September 16, 2008

Guide Review - Group 1 Crew - 'Ordinary Dreamers'

Don't let the term rap / hip-hop fool you because there is much more here than good beats and rapid fire lyrics. Blanca's vocals could fit in any R&B / pop format and stomp out much of the competition. (The girl has a set of pipes that won't quit and she raps with a style and class that belies the image many have of female rappers.) Manwell and Pablo can sing as well as they rap and when you add that to the funky, R&B music behind everything, you get a winner, no matter which way you look at it.

"Movin" starts the disc off on an upbeat, party in the streets note. My 8-year-old was out of her chair in the first 10 seconds and I found myself 'movin' right with her about 10 seconds later! Another party favorite is "I Had A Dream." Classical rap delivery with a strong message made this tune a huge favorite with my 13-year-old. "Living the Life" comes in with a style that would get the attention of any Kanye West fan with a lot more faith and a lot less drama. "Critical Emergency" brought the house down and the mom in me loved the message even more than the music fan in me (and my girls) loved the beat.

The pop delivery of "Change" was ... something of a change and a "mom" favorite because the lyrics here are killer and I can so relate after recently celebrating the 11th anniversary of my 30th birthday.

    I never believed that that that things will never change
    Cuz whenever I look back back nothing has stayed the same
    Except the fact that you have given me all that I need
    To turn this world into a place that has the strength to believe

What really matters here is that Group 1 Crew has a message and they don't sacrifice it to get a good sound. Fun and funky enough to get your attention, regardless of your age, the music may be what catches you in the beginning, but the message will stay with you long after the last notes have faded.

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