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Leeland - 'Sound Of Melodies'

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Leeland - Sound Of Melodies

Leeland - Sound Of Melodies

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The Bottom Line

Maybe Sound Of Melodies isn't the huge breath of fresh, new air that the hype predicted, but Leeland's debut album is definitely refreshing. Passionate to the core, the album offers modern, brit-infused pop/rock/worship in each and every song. Strong musical arrangements and a passion that is almost palpatable make Sound Of Melodies a CD that you feel as much as you hear.

The sense of worship that comes across gives listeners the ability to almost transport themselves to the foot of the stage or the foot of the cross. I imagine that this young band is beyond great when on stage, leading worship for thousands.

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  • Strong musical arrangements
  • Passionate songs being sung by a passionate singer


  • Leeland may not be the band that turns Christian music on its ear, but they do offer a lot


  • Style: Brit-infused pop/rock/worship
  • 11 songs
  • Released: August 2006

Guide Review - Leeland - 'Sound Of Melodies'

Sincere lyrics delivered with a passion that even the most jaded can feel sums up Sound Of Melodies pretty well. In a time where so many people can be seen going through the motions of Christianity without a real clue about a personal relationship with a living Savior, Leeland simply brings that personal "I know you and you know me" relationship to life.

Take "Beautiful Lord" for example ...

    Beautiful Lord
    Awesome and mighty
    I’m captured by this love I see
    Beautiful Lord
    Tender and holy
    Your mercy brings me to my knees
    It’s Your mercy that has made me free
    Beautiful Lord

This intimate tune puts you right at the foot of the cross in a blink. It's you and Jesus and as for the rest of the world and the storms of life ... well, they take a real backseat.

"Reaching" is a world's cry to the heavens.

    We are
    We are reaching
    We are reaching out
    (And we’re calling for You, Lord)
    We’re caught up in this hunger
    Searching for Your heart
    (And we’re calling for You, Lord)

The piano-driven "Tears of the Saints" makes that cry even more personal. Leeland reminds us in a truly beautiful way that our cries are for us all ... the sinners and the saints; the lost and the saved; the seekers and those who shun.

Leeland's debut album brings us good things and a glimpse of even greater things to come from this talented five-piece band. When you factor in that Leeland Mooring, the band's lead singer and songwriter, was only 17 when Sound Of Melodies released, you know without a doubt that this group will only get better with age.


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