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Mark Schultz - 'All Things Possible'

'All Things Possible' is Filled With Tender Ballads Driven by Rock Sensibilities

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Mark Schultz - All Things Possible

Mark Schultz - All Things Possible

Fair Trade Services/Columbia

Mark Schultz has long been known for his sincere songs that tell stories that touch hearts. All Things Possible doesn't deviate from his story-telling path; it just adds a touch of rock to the mix. The result is ballads that will move you with their ability to ebb and flow from soft and easy to soft and rockin'. Filled with songs that are as unpretentious as the man himself, this project is a snapshot of an open heart and a tender soul.

Thirty-four Refreshing Minutes of Music

  • Style: Contemporary Christian (Pop/soft rock)
  • 10 Songs
  • Time: 34 minutes
  • Release Date: September 4, 2012
  • Label: Fair Trade Services/Columbia

Imagine, if you will, being able to take the things you experience in your own life and crafting them into songs that touch lives around the world. That is exactly what Mark Schultz does and it's that sense of real and genuine sincerity that makes him so likeable. It's one thing to tell a story based on what you've heard or read. It's a wholly different world to tell a story based on something you lived (either as the main character or as someone close to the main character). This trait is shown off to perfection in the touching "One Day." The idea for the song was born during a concert when Schultz saw a boy in a wheelchair with his hands raised, fists clenched and tears just flowing. One day, we'll meet Jesus and no matter what afflictions we have, no matter how much we've suffered, we'll be whole.

The fun "Haven't Met You Yet," which Mark wrote to his unborn son during his wife's pregnancy, continues the personalized theme. Now we're counting down the hours and counting down days/people keep sayin how life's gonna change/We'll never be ready/But I can hardly wait/to tuck you into bed at night/and to view the whole world through your eyes. As a mom, I can relate because I remember those days of anticipation, tinged with excitement and even a little fear so I have no doubts that Mark meant every word he wrote and sang.

Each and every song has that personal touch, making them all winners in my book. After each listen, I feel refreshed and happier than I was before I hit the play button. That in itself is worth the cost of the CD.

Bottom line: All Things Possible offers up possibilities by the mile and leaves listeners truly believing that with God, anything really is possible. There isn't any better message than that and when it's delivered with zero cheesiness and 110% sincerity, it's as good as it gets.

All Things Possible Track Listing:

  1. All Things Possible
  2. It Is Well
  3. One Day
  4. I Gave Up
  5. Love Walked In
  6. More To You Than This
  7. Be Still
  8. What Do You Give A King
  9. Haven't Met You Yet
  10. I Will Love You Still
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