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Danny Oertli - 'Everything in Between'

Danny Oertli - 'Everything in Between' - The Bottom Line

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Danny Oertli - Everything in Between

Danny Oertli - Everything in Between

Hapi Skratch
From the rockers to the tender tunes, all of the songs encourage us to trust, trust, trust. But buyer beware ... if you don't want to hear truth, don't listen to this CD.

Danny Oertli - 'Everything in Between'

Danny Oertli's story has become a big part of his ministry. Like Jeremy Camp, he has survived tremendous loss and solidified a deep connection with God in the process of recovering. His songs now reflect these hard-won lessons and the spiritual/emotional fruit gained from the experience. In other words, their songs contain an authority, a spiritual strength given from God, now tested and proved. Even if his new CD wasn't great, he'd have a message worth listening to. Fortunately, the music is as good as the message.

Everything in Between preaches trust with a capital T. Trust in God, no matter what, for He is faithful. The power chords of rocker "You Are Glory" pronounce God's great beauty and power, and standout track "Worship You With Tears" seals the deal, no matter what your circumstances. The centerpiece is tearjerker "Mommy Paints the Sky," Oertli's answer to the questions of his kids about Mommy's death. I love the honesty of this song of faith.

    "You ask me why she's gone
    I don't know where to start
    I'm so thankful
    the heavens still proclaim
    mercy and healing
    in the middle of the pain.
A powerful and dramatic tune. I'd have omitted the strings, which I think come across as too instructive. The song makes its point without them; the magnificent "Hard to Get" puts a head on it. Rich Mullen's amazing song is stripped down to acoustic honesty, and it'll drop you to your knees with its power and simple truth. Get ready to grow through Oertli's fertile CD.

Danny Oertli - 'Everything in Between' - The Basics

  • Style: Pop rock
  • 12 songs, a mix of originals and others
  • Released: July 12, 2005 on Hapi Skratch
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