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Kate Miner - 'Prodigal Martha'

Kate Miner - 'Prodigal Martha' - The Basics

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Kate Miner - Prodigal Martha

Kate Miner - Prodigal Martha

  • Released: June 2005
  • 11 Tracks
  • Style: Hard to stuff into a single style - acoustic, rock and inspirational with a touch of folk

Track Listing

  1. Prodigal Martha
  2. Come to the Water
  3. The Cross
  4. Beautiful
  5. Song in My Heart
  6. Covered
  7. Jesus
  8. Who Will Cry
  9. Hung the Moon
  10. Overwhelmed
  11. All

Kate Miner - 'Prodigal Martha' - The Review

Kate Miner is such a great lady. I'll admit it - I was really hoping that I would like her latest CD, Prodigal Martha. She didn't let me down one bit! From the opening chords of "Prodigal Martha" to the closing strains of "All", this lady is 100% on the money.

Who would have ever thought that you could combine the haunting sounds of a flute, a little folk flair, a violin here and there and some hard driving rock to come out with a masterpiece? And that is exactly what Prodigal Martha is - a masterpiece.

The entire album is a story that any child of God can relate to. We've all been there ... so busy being "good Christians" that we can't seem to find the time to just be still and listen to God's voice. Kate explained, "It starts in that really broken place. The chorus of the title track goes “Father I know it’s here. It’s been so long since I’ve sat at your feet, will you recognize me?” It’s a great journey. I think it’s quite relevant for people in the church. I believe that we all get hung up in that. We’re all doing good work. It’s not like I slipped and went into prostitution and had a heroin addiction. I just kept doing ministry things."

All of the tracks are great, but there are some that shine even brighter than the rest like "Come to the Water", "The Cross", "Song in My Heart" and my personal favorite, "Who Will Cry".

The signing of Kate Miner by Floodgate Records was a stroke of genius for Tim Tabor. He got a true gem with a great deal of talent and depth in that lady. Here's hoping that he can get her some of the recognition that she truly deserves.

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