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MVP - 'Triple Impact'

MVP - 'Triple Impact' - The Bottom Line

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


MVP - Triple Impact

MVP - Triple Impact

Triple Impact features some hot rap and the gospel presented strongly with beats that will win the attention of the world-gangsta and non-gansta alike.

MVP - 'Triple Impact' - The Pros/Cons and Facts


- "Going to all nations" as commanded, MVP keeps it real for the players


- These lyrics are not going to be accessible for all listeners, but what is?


  • Style: Rap
  • 15 songs
  • Released Feb. 1, 2005

MVP - 'Triple Impact' - The Review

This is not the genre I am most familiar with and at times I wished for a hip-hop lexicon to aid me in comprehending the message. But I suspected early on it was gonna be worth the trip and I was right. Actually, I think MVP works hard to pronounce his lyrics clearly and the CDs production values are top grade. The challenge for me was more in the area of language, making my way through the unfamiliar slang. Like I said, it is worth every effort.

Michael 'MVP' Kennedy has a message for the people, for "he who has an ear." He delivers it passionately and intelligently, not to mention the music is hot. His beats are original, he's got some great hooks, and his strongly Biblical message is presented in a fresh and authentic way. There are not many Christian rappers able to cross over to mainstream audiences without losing respect for diminished musical excellence, but MVP is one who should be able to make that leap successfully if that is his intention. You have to hope so, for his testimony of redemption is told masterfully in these songs.

His youth spent in the church and even in a Christian rap group was not enough to keep him off the streets, and gang life and a series of street crimes left him with a dark future. But a stint in the military spared him and prepared him for the turnaround he experienced shortly after his release. Two months after his return to Christ he began putting his story to words as MVP, or Messiah's Valuable Property. This is his sophomore release and I'm predicting victory, although his testimony alone is the victory. These tunes tell that story and tell it well.

The single "Off the Cross" calls listeners to a different way to party, while also filling us in on the story of his marriage: "we was rough around the edges/ God smoothed us out / once living in sin/ but God moved us out." MVP tells his story truthfully, holding nothing back; there is some rough language but it's a rough story told honestly. This is going to speak to those who need to hear it.

His testimony is covered in a number of songs, including "Hot Az Ice" and "Step a Side", which features guest rappers the Crunkaholics. There are a lot of guests on Triple Impact and they add to the power of this "gospel with a gangsta twist" CD. There are numerous well-placed Scriptural references and topics covered include spiritual warfare, "Priceless", spiritual hypocrisy, "Truce", and the error of passing judgment, "Street Music". Some of the last songs are particularly difficult for the unfamiliar ear to discern due to the ratatat delivery, "Southern Comfort", but others are just plain exhilarating with their powerful messages of truth and triumph, "In-Cor-Rup-Ti-Ble" in particular. Yes, it might be hard for some to figure out the message but it's good to try new things, right? You won't be sorry. Best of luck to this brother walking out his deliverance and taking it back to the streets for those left behind.

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