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Lucas Parry - 'Made to Fly'

Lucas Parry - 'Made to Fly' - The Basics

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Lucas Parry - Made to Fly

Lucas Parry - Made to Fly

Lucas Parry


  • Energetic, passionate songs of worship & life
  • Well produced, well written, well performed


  • Still looking for one

The Basics

  • Style: Pop-rock
  • 10 original songs
  • Released: February 18, 2005

Lucas Parry - 'Made to Fly' - CD Review

I'd be curious, really curious, to know how much Lucas Parry listened to Jeff Deyo's Saturate. Lucas Parry captures much of the same sense of passionate worship driven by crunchy guitar hooks, added a youthful exuberance and behold: Made to Fly. This energetic exuberant CD is straight-up fun, offered up with excellence.

What Parry adds so deliciously is a youthful edge that lifts these songs above the pack. Most of these tunes are guitar-driven but he adds wonderful small touches that enrich each song significantly. Check out the rich strings of "Revive Me" and the wailing chorus under the upbeat "Thousand Words". It's not officially a "worship" album, but Parry's passion for his Savior drips over each track; sometimes I like that better, worship that just flows organically from life. I don't think this is anything that Parry can turn off, and his zeal will jumpstart yours. The lovely "Photograph" is a simple love song and "Take Me Home" sings hauntingly of a deeply regretted argument. Like I said, real life. Ya gotta love it.

Lucas Parry is For Real

All of these songs are radio ready and I'd love to see Parry get the airplay he deserves. Standout tracks: the important title track, digging into the truth of the ever-mysterious calling we all have. Listen to it repeatedly, there's a lot to sink your teeth into. The gorgeous "Beautiful" drips with heartfelt worship and I hope it filters down into our churches. "Overwhelmed" wrings the worship from your heart and can almost be physically felt. "Photograph", as I said, is breath-takingly lovely. And not to be overlooked, the eloquent message of salvation included on the back panel. This guy is for real. Drop what you're doing and go get this CD. Now.

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