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Winds of Worship - 'Come Now is the Time'

Winds of Worship - 'Come Now is the Time' - The Bottom Line

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Winds of Worship - Come Now is the Time

Winds of Worship - Come Now is the Time

A compilation that actually delivers, containing the best of the best of the soft rock worship that Vineyard is known for.

Winds of Worship - 'Come Now is the Time' - The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Great production values

  • Contains many of Vineyard's favorites

The Cons

  • Vineyard's worship style tends to stay within a certain framework and some might wish for more variety

Winds of Worship - 'Come Now is the Time' - The Review

Come Now is the Time will prove invaluable to worship leaders everywhere, and a boon as well to those who love to worship individually. Culled from a huge assortment of Vineyard worship songs spanning the past 20 years, the material included here is really like a "Best Of" worship songs collection. Executive producer Ted Jeans and compilation engineer Marianne Kleine took on a formidable task and came through beautifully. They have managed to include some much loved classics ("Isn't He" & "Refiner's Fire") and some newer favorites ("Holy" and "Hungry") while maintaining a "flow" that is seamless both spiritually and technically, a mission not without its challenges. I expect there will be those who criticize what they perceive to be omissions, but this seems to be pretty well-rounded to me. The Vineyard style of worship does not vary much from its framework of soft rock and this compilation contains no surprises. But if you want surprises, you probably wouldn't be listening to Vineyard anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem for most listeners.

Live Worship

The feel and spirit of the live worship experience comes through on many tracks, an important element, to my mind. Most notable in this area are "Holy and Anointed One" and the great Rita Springer's contribution, "You", from South Africa, a favorite of mine. Disc one is more upbeat, rocking out as much as Vineyard does, with "Every Move I Make" and "Faithful One". Also key on this disc is the "Draw Me Close to You" cut, an intensely worshipful inclusion. The second disc is much softer, most songs quieter and slower, including the powerful "Holy and Anointed One"led strongly by David Ruis.

All in all, a valuable project that will be treasured by those who prefer this kind of intense, soft worship experience.

'Come Now is the Time' - The Basics

  • Style: Soft rock worship
  • Two discs, 27 songs total
  • Released August 24, 2004

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