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MercyMe - 'Coming Up To Breathe'

'Coming Up To Breathe' - The Basics

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MercyMe - Coming Up To Breathe

MercyMe - Coming Up To Breathe

Courtesy of: INO Records
  • Style: Christian Rock / Pop
  • 13 songs
  • Release Date: April 25, 2006

'Coming Up To Breathe' - Absolutely Amazing

It's early morning. I've had two cup's of coffee and here I sit, still trying, after three days, to come up with the words to describe the absolutely amazing CD that Mercy Me has put together. I am by nature (being a musician myself) somewhat hard to impress when it comes to music, especially with all the "copy-cat" bands out there these days, but I can honestly say that I was blown away by this one. From start to finish this release grips you musically. The honest and very heartfelt lyrics show that the guys opened a door into their hearts and lives. This release truly reflects their faith and growth. I thoroughly enjoyed the honesty and emotion that they brought to the table on this album starting with "Coming Up To Breathe" and moving right into "So Long Self". All of the songs offered here are great from start to finish and "I Would Die For You," written by Brent Higgins in honor of his son B.J. Higgins, is one of those songs that rips your heart out while it humbles you in a huge way.
Some of my personal favorites on Coming Up To Breathe are ..."Where I Belong,” "Bring The Rain,” " Hold Fast" and "No More No Less" - just to name a few. Those songs hit really close to home for me. I feel certain that this outing will touch a lot of people because this CD deals with real issues and is what my wife call's relevant to what people are facing and feeling. This is it … these guys really reached deep and brought out something very special. Great job guys!

I suppose I should add that up until this CD I was not a huge Mercy Me fan. I knew who they were from "I Can Only Imagine," and thanks to my 11-year-old daughter, I had gotten really sick of it after the first thousand or so times she played it over and over and over. While I respected their work and ministry, they just were not my cup of tea. However, after this CD, (and having a chance to talk to them briefly during GMA Week), I'm hooked! I believe that these guys are the real deal and I wish them much success.

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