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Newworldson - 'Salvation Station'

Newworldson - 'Salvation Station' - No Cookie-Cutter Music Here

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Newworldson - Salvation Station

Newworldson - Salvation Station

Inpop Records
After reading the press about Inpop's new band, Newworldson, and their mix of styles, I wasn't sure what to expect. R&B, rock, reggae, old style gospel delta blues, a kazoo solo and jazz meet worship ... and that means it will sound like what? Honestly, it could have gone either way. When you mix in everything but the kitchen sink, you can either get a masterpiece or a nightmare. Lucky for all of us, we got a true masterpiece. The songs are top-notch lyrically, musically and vocally. Who knew that the band that opened in 2007 for Kutless and newsboys in 2007 would turn out to be the next "big news" of 2008?

Joel Parisen’s vocals remind me of Harry Connick Jr. while the harmonies are so tight that the Blind Boys of Alabama come to mind. Throwing in the delta blues takes me way down yonder to church in somewhere like Mississippi, which reminds me of Marty Stuart's Souls' Chapel. You won't find anyone else out there that sounds like these guys and in today's cookie-cutter music industry, that is a huge plus!

Newworldson delivers 11 tracks on Salvation Station and each and every one is a keeper. My personal favorite, "Down From The Mountain" will hit home with both new Christians and those who have been saved for decades because we've all been there ... in that place where your life has changed because your spirit was touched. "Gimme" is another been there, done that track because we've all done the "Gimme" dance with God, begging for something that we want or need.

"Waitin Till The Rapture Come" is pure old-school blues-gospel that will transport you to a church packed with plenty of folks and lots of hand-held fans. "Workin Man" and "City Bus Love Song" (with it's kazoo solo) are two more toe-tappers that you can't help but fall in love with.

Bottom line - this is The CD of 2008 so far. Fun, feisty, fantastic and definitely heart-felt. You can't lose with this one!

Newworldson - 'Salvation Station' - The Basics

  • Style: Kitchen sink - I dare you to nail down a single term to define the style of Newworldson
  • 11 songs
  • Released: February, 2008

Salvation Station Track Listing

  1. Salvation Station
  2. Working Man
  3. Gimme
  4. Empty Heart
  5. Sweet Holy Spirit
  6. Babylon Is Gonna Fall
  7. Down from the Mountain
  8. Borderline
  9. Citybus Lovesong
  10. Waitin' Til the Rapture Come
  11. Pledge of Allegiance

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