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'Passion - Everything Glorious'

'Passion - Everything Glorious' - The Basics

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Passion - Everything Glorious

Passion - Everything Glorious

Six Steps Records
  • Style: Live Worship
  • 13 songs, 9 classics, 4 exclusive and new
  • Release Date: April, 2006

'Passion - Everything Glorious' - The Bottom Line

Everything Glorious nicely captures the raw energy of the Passion experience, with the movement’s top worship leaders in attendance. This is sincere and authentic worship and it's hard not to love that. The only notable down-side is that this is their 9th release, so by now it may be a bit familiar.

'Passion - Everything Glorious' - Uniting Students in Worship

From Passion Conferences founder Louie Giglio: “Passion recordings exist to glorify God and unite students in worship and prayer.” Mission accomplished. Recorded live this past January at the Passion 06 gathering in Nashville, you’ll enjoy the 18,000 voice chorus. These crowds come to worship and that fervor comes across strong on Everything Glorious.
The tender touch of producer Nathan Nockels is quickly apparent. The line-up is perfection, each artist and song lined up for maximum impact, and the extra effort pays off hugely. Moving seamlessly from Chris Tomlin’s rocker intro to the gentle strains of “Glorious” with the able assistance of the wonderful Christy Nockels, to Charlie Hall’s mid-project injection of sensitive worship (“All We Need” and the contemplative “Center”), to the rousing and ever-rhythmic Matt Redman’s “You Never Let Go,” there is an obvious flow to the line-up, one that is very spiritually effective. Kristian Stanfill’s “Jesus Paid It All” fits the bill nicely, and Chris Tomlin’s quiet “How Marvelous” hits the spot. By the time wildman worship leader David Crowder takes the stage, you’re in full adoration mode and he does not disappoint. The title track is a bulls-eye, and the swirly departure that is “You Are My Joy” has you lost in the spirit. “Our God Reigns” closes out the project perfectly, and you’re more than ready for Passion 07.
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