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Rush of Fools - 'Wonder of The World'

Rush of Fools - 'Wonder of The World' - The Basics

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Rush of Fools - Wonder of The World

Rush of Fools - Wonder of The World

Midas Records
  • Style: Modern pop worship
  • 10 songs
  • Release Date: September 16, 2008

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Rush of Fools - 'Wonder of The World'

Bringing a blend of styles and sounds combined with wonderful lyrics to the table on their sophomore release, Rush of Fools shows us that they weren't simply a one-hit-wonder type of band. They're not offering a new way to worship but isn't heartfelt enough?

Take "Lose it All" for example ... This song is an upbeat, yet gentle reminder that Jesus gave it all up for us so what the world gives us is nothing compared to what He gave us. We hold on to the foolish things of the world way too much so "losing it all" for Christ is a concept to really work toward.

"Escape" is another good example of a strong message within a song. Mellow yet building at the chorus, this tune talks about how we can't escape God, no matter how hard we try or how far we run.

My personal favorite, "The Only Thing That's Beautiful in Me" delivers a one-two punch with a condition and a response. We human beings are rather hedonistic creatures and when things are going pretty good in our lives we often convince ourselves it's because we're worth it. We're worth loving; we've earned goodness and grace. You get the picture. "The Only Thing That's Beautiful in Me" puts it right out there that without Christ, we're dead ... period. And the only response that we can possibly make to that is to say "Thank you."

Offering Messages That While Simple, Are Ones We All Need to Hear

The bottom line is that while Rush of Fools may not have re-invented the term "Modern Worship" here, they do have quite a bit to offer on their sophomore release. This young band grows with every passing year and every show that they do. I look forward to hearing what they come up with next.

Rush of Fools - 'Wonder of The World' Track Listing

  1. There Is Nothing
  2. Wonder of the World
  3. Holy One
  4. You Are Glory
  5. Lose It All
  6. Escape
  7. The Only Thing That's Beautiful in Me
  8. Freedom Begins Here
  9. Tonight
  10. Never Far Away

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