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'Beth Moore Presents: Songs of Deliverance' - Various Artists

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Beth Moore Presents: Songs of Deliverance

Beth Moore Presents: Songs of Deliverance

Courtesy of: Indelible

The Bottom Line

The phrase "truth in advertising" sums this release up quite well. 10 songs, all relating to deliverance, by popular artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Wynonna, Sara Groves, Mandisa, CeCe Winans, Ronnie Freeman, Amy Grant and Travis Cottrell, who also produced the new music are exactly what you'll find on Songs of Deliverance.


  • Wyonna
  • Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Sara Groves


  • Not a single downside to this release


  • Style: Inspirational
  • Release Date: January 2, 2007
  • 10 Songs
  • Label: in:ciite Media

Guide Review - 'Beth Moore Presents: Songs of Deliverance' - Various Artists

Released on January 2, 2007 in conjunction with Beth Moore's new book, Get Out of That Pit - Straight Talk About God's Deliverance, Beth Moore Presents: Songs of Deliverance is an absolutely perfect compliment.

Old favorites like "Free" by Steven Curtis Chapman, "Rescue Me" by Wynonna and "Out My House" by CeCe Winans join beautiful new music by Sara Groves and Travis Cottrell to make a truly winning combination.

The piano-driven "Hiding Place," written specifically for this project by Sara Groves, is enough to make this CD worth the trip to the store. Sara is her usual mighty, moving self and the words ... oh boy! ... the words touch you to the very core.

All in all, while many compilations miss the mark, Songs of Deliverance flows together delivering a strong message from start to finish. Beth Moore explained her purpose for the album in a press release. "My deep desire is that these songs will soften your heart until the message of deliverance makes its way into the deepest recesses where motivatons we don't even understand tend to lurk." She did just that with these hand picked songs ... and then some!

No matter where you are in your life, your walk or just your day; when you listen to this album, you'll find yourself remembering that God is right there, waiting to deliver you.

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