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Matt Maher - 'Welcome to Life'

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


Matt Maher - Welcome to Life

Matt Maher - Welcome to Life

The Bottom Line

It doesn't matter if you're Catholic, Baptist, Methodist or any of the other Christian denominations, Matt Maher brings music to the table with his sophmore release, Welcome to Life, that will bring you to your feet and then take you to your knees.


  • The lyrics are 100% solid
  • A mixture of styles takes you on a roller-coaster ride


  • Couldn't find a single one!


  • Style: Pop, light rock, inspirational and worship - blended perfectly
  • 12 Songs - 11 of them original
  • Release Date: September 13, 2005

Guide Review - Matt Maher - 'Welcome to Life'

I'll be honest with you - I had certain expections of what I would hear when I listened to Matt Maher's sophmore release, Welcome to Life. Those expectations were based on what I remembered from going to Mass with a friend when I was about 10 years old so basically, I was expecting what we always called "high church" music with a little acoustic guitar thrown in. Needless to say, I was intrigued when the opening strains of the title track came through my speakers because it was, well, upbeat with a bit of a "Sgt. Pepper" feel. "All Glory to God" had a little bite to it, which floored me. By the end of track three, "Your Grace Is Enough", I was hooked! Song by song, I became more and more of a fan. From upbeat pop to rock to slow and mellow to a tune that had an almost Middle-Eastern flavor meets bongos kind of thing going in the beginning to pure worship and then back again, this CD takes you on a journey without ever losing sight of the why or the who behind it.

Notable cuts are, well, all of them! At first listen I wasn't feeling three of the songs, but at second listen, I found myself liking them too.

This CD is too good to not rave about, so it's going straight to the Best Releases of 2005 list! Do yourself a favor and be waiting in line at your local Christian music store when this jewel releases on September 13th.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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