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Michael Olson - 'Long Arm of Love'

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


Michael Olson

Michael Olson

Courtesy of: Rocketown Records

The Bottom Line

Another young white guy with a guitar slung over his shoulder. But, wait!.. there may be more to Michael Olson than meets the ear and you'll hear it on Long Arm of Love.


  • A nice mix of pop-flavored tunes, bringing just enough variety to keep it interesting


  • May lack the one big tune that pops off the CD


  • Style: Acoustic Pop
  • 11 original songs
  • Release: July 12, 2005 on Rocketown Records

Guide Review - Michael Olson - 'Long Arm of Love'

Rocketown, known for finding and developing singer/songwriters, adds Michael Olson to an already burgeoning stable of talent. Olson's not going to rock any boats just yet, but that's not his mission. The talented instrumentalist (guitar, piano and drums) comes from a strong musical and Christian background and is here to sing of God's grace to the church and anyone else who is listening.

His solidly Biblical perspective comes across strong in these catchy pop tunes, containing the occasional surprise (the country leanings on the title track and "So Glad".) Wes King is the easiest comparison, especially considering Olson's opening track "I Believe in Jesus," an anthem of faith reminiscent of King's "I Believe." "Waiting For You" is a beautiful paean to waiting for the right love that should be required listening for every teenager. A standout track is the exquisite rendering of "Psalm 23," overflowing with power. Olson wisely closes out his debut with the piano-driven ballad "Man of Sorrows," a moving tribute that is enriched greatly by gentle violin strings. I think his sophomore effort will be the one to watch.

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