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Nicholas - 'Inspirational Sounds, Volume 1'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

Inspirational Sounds, Volume 1 is a compilation of gospel songs from Nicholas Ministries, Palm Desert, CA. Some songs are live, some are very ministry-oriented and some are just fun to listen to.


  • Some very appealing arrangements and vocals


  • Lots of chatter may interfere with listening pleasure


  • Style: Gospel
  • 11 songs
  • Released June, 1993

Guide Review - Nicholas - 'Inspirational Sounds, Volume 1'

I'm actually a big fan of gospel music, especially good gospel that incorporates the Christian message with some solid funk. What you wind up with is music that lifts you both spiritually and physically, because it is a groove that cannot be resisted when done right. And Phil & Brenda Nicholas are definitely groovin'.

For a CD that is a dozen years old, Inspirational Sounds holds up surprisingly well. The songs do not come across as dated, though the approach is certainly somewhat out of date. By this I mean the ministry aspect of the material as opposed to the musical end of it. For Volume 1 is definitely a work of ministry. Phil Nicholas does quite a bit of preaching before a number of these songs, including a closing invitation that runs almost a full eight minutes. I think this fact alone might have ruled out Volume 2, which is too bad because they are strong performers, strong enough to minister well on the strength of their music alone.

Opening boisterously with old favorite "Ain't No Rock" they let you know right from the get-go that you're in for a good time. Brenda's lead vocals are not only robust but also build excitement in your own spirit as you listen. She soars through "Nearer My God To Thee"; the woman is really, really hard not to enjoy. Throughout the CD the Biblical message comes through strong, though most powerfully delivered through the music itself. File this one under pure Oldie-But-Goodie.

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