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Nichole Nordeman - 'Brave'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Nichole Nordeman - Brave

Nichole Nordeman - Brave

The Bottom Line

The honesty of Nichole Nordeman's lyrics combined with that incredible voice make Brave a stand-out release.
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  • Intelligent, honest songwriting
  • Gutsy and fresh musically


  • None


  • Style: Adult contemporary
  • 11 songs, 10 originals, one cover (Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody")
  • Released May 24, 2005

Guide Review - Nichole Nordeman - 'Brave'

Over the years we've come to expect great things from Nicole Nordeman, two-time Dove Award-winning Female Vocalist of the Year. Brave does not disappoint. The aptly-titled project centers around the theme of stepping out in faith, facing down your fears and is, as usual, overflowing with honesty. Nordeman doesn't back off from taking musical risks here; note the gutsy techno-edged cover of "Gotta Serve Somebody." Whether you like her version or not, you gotta give her props for risking it.

Standout tracks include the challenging "What If," daring unbelievers to take the bold step of considering Christ's claims, and the stunning "Crimson," which is both melancholy and rich. "We Build" speaks to the challenges and the commitment of marriage, standing firmly as a new kind of love song, one that endures. The beauty of "Hold On" flows from its eternal truths and Nordeman's simmering, restrained vocal powers. Another triumph of courage.

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