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Youth For Christ - 'Love Comes in All Colors'

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Youth For Christ - Love Comes in All Colors

Youth For Christ - Love Comes in All Colors

The Bottom Line

Encouraging messages, memorable songs and several different styles combine to make Love Comes in All Colors, the sophmore release from Youth For Christ, a distinct pleasure to listen to.
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  • A variety of sounds
  • Traditional hymns mixed with contemporary praise and hip-hop


  • None


  • 13 songs
  • Released April 2004 on Emtro Gospel
  • Traditional hymns mixed with contemporary praise and hip-hop.

Guide Review - Youth For Christ - 'Love Comes in All Colors'

I had the pleasure of reviewing Love Comes in All Colors at a time of struggle in my personal life and I can't say enough about the release and how it helped me.

The story behind the music is as powerful and moving as the music itself. Singer/songwriter Troy Sneed, who won high praise for his powerful work on his debut outing "Higher," which was nominated for a GRAMMY, has done it again. He took 350 kids, ages 10 - 18, from all racial backgrounds and denominational upbringing and left everything but the music and God's love at the door. This is, of course, how it should be, because we are all the same in God's eyes. Troy put together one of the best big choir sounds that I've heard in a long time, using some really over the top musicians. Put together, the mix of all of those young voices, strong soloists and top of the line musicianship equaled an awesome CD. I highly recommend checking this out for the music as well as the tremendous story behind it.

Personal favorites include:

"I Give You Praise" - featuring Troy Sneed draws you into a quiet moment with the Lord.

"Shine On Me" - two versions here; one with a funky edge, the other with an absolute down-home, old-school church sound.

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