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Jimmy Needham - 'Speak'

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Jimmy Needham - Speak

Jimmy Needham - Speak

Courtesy of: Inpop Records

The Bottom Line

The first thing that popped into my mind when I heard Jimmy Needham's Speak was "Wow! A male version of India Arie!" He's got soul, he's got a bit of jazz, he touches on pop and rock and he challenges you in your own walk every step of the way. This young man has a lot to say, and I suspect that over the years, we're going to hear much more from him.
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  • Jimmy Needham doesn't sugar-coat a single note ... this young man means business
  • Jazz meets soul and it makes for a nice combination


  • If being challenged to step up your faith offends you, take a pass on this one


  • Style: Blues meets soul and fuses with jazz and pop
  • 12 songs
  • Release Date: August, 2006

Guide Review - Jimmy Needham - 'Speak'

In his PR kit, Jimmy Needham says, "Hear this: there is no room for mediocrity in the Christian life. May we all learn to talk the talk AND walk the walk." Strong words from a 20-year-old college student, but his lyrics make it clear that he means every word.

Take "Fence Riders" (my personal favorite) for example. Jimmy calls every Christian on the planet out with this one.

    Am I foolishness to you
    And is it laughable the things I do
    And can your callous mind see past yourself to his divine
    Am I foolishness to you

Jimmy says that he wrote this song in response to an encounter with an old high-school friend, who "although he had the most vulgar mouth and an arrogant spirit, still found it important to wear his Jesus jewelry."

Needham's sound is fresh and it really does bring something different than the typical standard fare to the table. How many artists can you think of that can combine jazz, soul, blues, pop, rock, folk and even some spoken word and pull it off? Not only does this young man pull it off, he does it well enough that you will quickly discover that this CD has moved into a "favorite" spot!

There are plenty of "gems" in this release. "Wake Up," "I Am New," "Speak" and "For Freedom" just scratch the surface. Try Jimmy Needham on for size, and I think that you'll discover that in this case, one size really does fit all!

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