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pureNRG - 'Here We Go Again'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


PureNRG - Here We Go Again

PureNRG - Here We Go Again


The Bottom Line

pureNRG didn't go backwards with the dreaded sophomore slump; they moved forward with a definite purpose. Unlike some of the bubble-gum pop saturating the airwaves today, this group of young people actually has something to say. They don't hesitate to live their faith out loud and include it in their music instead of skirting around the issue in order to gain mainstream acceptance.


  • These tweens are more than just bubble-gum pop
  • The songs encourage kids instead of just filling space


  • While they could have done more slow songs, it isn't really a big con that they didn't


  • Style: Pop
  • 12 Tracks
  • Released: April 29, 2008

Guide Review - pureNRG - 'Here We Go Again'

Upbeat and inspirational are good words to describe pureNRG's sophomore release, Here We Go Again. The energy level never lags and the message stays true from the opening strains of "Here We Go Again" to the closing notes of "More." In fact, the only time the tweens slow down is for Nicole C. Mullen's "Call on Jesus" which is so beautifully done that it blends in quite well with the other tunes.

Inspiring songs like "Get Up" advise teens to pick a direction instead of just sitting around letting life and cirumstances direct their path. "Girls Can Change the World," another 'listen-up' song, should be required listening for every pre-teen and young teenage girl out there. Drama and rumors shouldn't be the foundation of life with so many opportunities for young girls and the group doesn't sugar-coat the advice.

Simply put, Here We Go Again is one of those CDs that you will be proud to hear your tween listening to. The talent and the values are both there in abundance and the music is just plain fun.

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