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Phil Wickham - 'Phil Wickham'

Phil Wickham - 'Phil Wickham' - The Basics

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Phil Wickham - debut CD

Phil Wickham - debut CD

Courtesy of: INO Records
  • Style: Contemporary Pop
  • 11 original songs
  • Release Date: April 25, 2006 on INO Records

'Phil Wickham' is a Wonderful Surprise

Phil Wickham’s freshman project, fresh from Bart Millard’s new label, is a wonderful surprise. And I say surprise because you just don’t expect something so superb right out of the gate like this. Shades of Sixpence None the Richer’s genius mixed with Coldplay’s melancholy charms, Wickham’s music is lavishly poetic and compelling.

'Phil Wickham' - Prepare to Fall in Love

His lyrical dexterity is solid throughout the mix of acoustic ballads and sonic rockers; likewise, he manages to inject a deep sense of intimacy in either groove. Maybe it’s his unique vocals, maybe it’s the ethereal chorus work, immediately distinctive in opener “Grace.” Whichever, it works and works hard. He uses strings to perfection to add an atmospheric quality to many tracks, and the effect is only magnified with his richly layered arrangements and passionate delivery. Standout tracks include the sweetly sincere acoustic “I Will Wait for You” and the soulful “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Harmonic rocker “I Adore You” captures your attention with ease. Wickham had me in the palm of his hand all the way; why fight the feeling? The vocal backing is enthralling throughout and contributes much to the overall tone of the project. Kudos to producer Pete Kipley (Mercy Me) and a warm, warm welcome to newcomer Phil Wickham. Prepare to fall in love.
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