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Switchfoot - 'Vice Verses'

'Vice Verses' Stimulates Your Soul

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Switchfoot - Vice Verses

Switchfoot - Vice Verses

Sophisticated and stimulating, Switchfoot's Vice Verses is as real as it gets and man oh man - they bring that sense of real with a capital R! As a band, Switchfoot continues to grow and mature far beyond their California surfing roots and we get the benefit of the wisdom that they've learned along the way.

'Vice Verses' Gives Us a Saucier Version of Switchfoot

  • Style: rock
  • 12 Songs
  • Release Date: September 27, 2011
  • Label: EMI

I can honestly say that I never would have thought that the word "saucy" would be a way I would describe Switchfoot because the word just doesn't sound like guys who rock. However, there are so many saucy moments in Vice Verses that no other words really can convey the sound and the feel. Now that's not to say that there are no rockers or no ballads full of deep-thinking, nearly poetic lyrics on the project - there are plenty of those too. It's just that there seems to be more spice seasoning the music. When you add that to the fact that Switchfoot isn't afraid to ask the questions that we all have or admit the weaknesses that we all suffer from, you get what could arguably be their best release to date.

Now take a deep breath and open your mind because I'm getting ready to describe a Switchfoot that you may not recognize! The guys go all funky with "The War Inside" and they have a lot of fun doing it while keeping it real. Yeah, it's where the fight begins. Yeah, underneath the skin. Between these hopes and where we've been. Every fight comes from the fight within.

Want saucy? Listen to "Blinding Light," with its almost reggae undertones and you get a touch of spice that you won't see coming. This tune is so playful that you may miss the importance of the lyrics the first few times. Deep down there's a hope inside. You got wings but you're scared to fly. Wake up, wake up.

How about a danceable tune with some spoken word thrown in? Yes, Switchfoot has a song that you can dance to and they even tried their hand (and nailed) spoken word. I'm talking about "Selling the News" - one of my favorite songs on the release. Speaking of one of my personal pet peeves - spin rather than truth - this song will be a real punch in the gut to some. Substance, oh substance - where have you been? You've been replaced by the masters of spin. Who make good looking books to write history in. We're selling the news.

"Thrive" is a great example of the weaknesses we share, yet fear admitting. No, I’m not alright. I know that I’m not right. Feels like I travel but I never arrive. I want to thrive, not just survive. I'm always close, but I'm never enough. How many times have you felt like that, yet couldn't bring yourself to say it out loud?

This is no shiny, new Switchfoot. It's everything that we've come to expect yet, like the title itself, not at all what we anticipate. It's the old meeting the new, the light meeting the dark, the truth meeting the lies we tell ourselves when we simply have nothing else to say.

Bottom line - Vice Verses offers fans reality wrapped in good music. It doesn't focus on the dark or weakness - there is plenty of light here - but it's no Jesus pep rally either.

Vice Verses Track Listing:

  1. Afterlife
  2. The Original
  3. The War Inside
  4. Restless
  5. Blinding Light
  6. Selling the News
  7. Thrive
  8. Dark Horses
  9. Souvenirs
  10. Rise Above It
  11. Vice Verses
  12. Where I Belong
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