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Chris Tomlin - 'Hello Love'

Chris Tomlin - 'Hello Love'

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Chris Tomlin - Hello Love

Chris Tomlin - Hello Love

  • Style: Modern Worship
  • 12 songs
  • Released: September 2, 2008

Chris Tomlin's - 'Hello Love' - Honest Worship from an Open Heart

Kicking off with the upbeat, get you on your feet "Sing, Sing, Sing," Hello Love builds from there. While some of the tunes are upbeat and fun and others are slower and more worshipful, each one builds on the theme of love -- loving our Lord and Savior and being loved by Him.

Each song, regardless of its tempo, is full of tireless, impassioned and genuine words from a heart that loves the Lord but still sometimes finds itself questioning the whys of life from time to time. Sound familiar? It should because most of us have been there too.

Take "You Lifted Me Out" for example. Chris says that much of this song comes straight from Psalm 40. After hearing Louie Giglio talk about that particular Psalm, Chris really got to thinking about how God doesn't just frown down on us from Heaven when we mess up, He literally gets down in the mud and mire with us to lift us up. Oh yeah ... been there, done that.

God of This City, God of the Entire World

"God of This City" is one of those songs that truly gets down to the nitty-gritty of worshipping our Creator. Chris first heard the song while in Belfast, Ireland doing a concert. The band that wrote the song was performing it and he was immediately struck by how powerful it was. It turns out that the band (Bluetree) was asked to play in a bar/brothel in Padia, Thailand. In the middle of their set, this song came to life. Talk about a God moment!

We all know that Jesus beat death on the cross, but remembering that fact when we've lost a loved one can be difficult. "I Will Rise" is a wonderful, caring ballad that reminds us that the grave is overwhelmed by the love of Christ. Piano and strings give this song an almost haunting feel that helps turn those moments of sorrow into something bearable. Yes, our God, the God who created the entire world, rules over death as well.

"Praise the Father, Praise the Son" is another wonderful modern worship song with a truly catchy chorus that will fit in any modern church service.

My personal favorite song on the album, "My Deliverer," will speak so deeply to your heart that it will make the hairs on your arms stand up and the stirrings of your soul cry out in worship.

    I will wait for You to move
    For Your mighty hand to save
    When the troubled waters rise
    You are my hiding place

From Isaiah 60:18, this song is a stirring reminder that God is in control and nothing on earth is so big that His love for us can't overcome it.

Love -- the theme of the album, the root of our Salvation, the story of our lives. Thanks so much to Chris Tomlin for reminding us of that fact in this wonderful album.

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