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Jade Sholty - 'One Breath at a Time'

Jade Sholty - 'One Breath at a Time' - The Bottom Line

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Jade Sholty - One Breath at a Time

Jade Sholty - One Breath at a Time

Jesus Christ is her hero, and it shows. These tunes are bright and very Jesus-centered without being at all preachy. Her voice is clear as the proverbial bell. She has a good time performing and the party is contagious. There's a whole lot to like in One Breath at a Time - miss it and you'll kick yourself for weeks.

Jade Sholty - 'One Breath at a Time' - The Pros - The Cons - The Basics


  • Upbeat and energetic, Sholty is all heart
  • Her voice rings with sincerity
  • She clearly has a heart to reach across the generations


  • Still looking for one


  • Style: pop
  • 12 original songs
  • Released: 2003

Jade Sholty - 'One Breath at a Time' - Full of Versatility

You don't need to read her bio to know this girl is from the Midwest. There's a subtle little twang just waiting to bust through every line she sings. But it works, it totally works. It only adds to the strongest quality of Sholty's music: her sincerity. There is a tone of truth that comes across strong in every song and it serves to draw you in. Whether you're a fan of pop or not, she wins you over because she is so real.

Jade Sholty wrote each tune on her debut CD, accompanied by Morgan Cryar on only one. The first thing that stands out as you listen is her versatility; she can rock, she can wail, and she can make you laugh. If you think I'm kidding, check out opener, "Hero", an ode to Batman and Gotham City. Sholty can reach young people and she can reach their parents. Her songs bring a warm touch of humor and humanity. You know she's a parent, and you know that she has struggled; it only makes you like her more.

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