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Springhill Worship - 'The Rocks Cry Out'

Springhill Worship - 'The Rocks Cry Out' - The Basics

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


Springhill Worship - The Rocks Cry Out

Springhill Worship - The Rocks Cry Out

  • Style: Modern rock worship
  • 12 original worship songs
  • Released: June 28, 2005

The Pros and Cons - Springhill Worship - 'The Rocks Cry Out'


  • Energetic & upbeat
  • Strong vocal talent


  • Could have mixed it up a bit more

Springhill Worship - 'The Rocks Cry Out'

Springhill is on a mission. They want to write the songs the whole world is singing, the Christian world. They want to provide the worship songs today’s new leaders are using to lead the church into the presence of God. Not a bad mission, right? The Rocks Cry Out is the second in a series dedicated to that mission and I think it gets them halfway there.

I’m not a big fan of compilations. I find they tend to get a bit vanilla by their very nature; it’s a weakness that just shows up too frequently for my money. This CD doesn’t fall prey to that as much as some others, though it doesn’t claim a whole lot of new ground either. What it does offer is some new talent, some very strong vocals, and even a few new noteworthy songs. Not bad for a compilation.

I’ve probably already complained too much, so I’ll just point out a few highlights:

  • Producer Joe Beck’s straightforward "Your Will, My Life," with its Beatlesque changes and vocals
  • The wonderful Kate Miner's rambunctious "Somebody Dance"
  • Newcomer Charity Von burns it up on the soulful "In Your Presence"
If you enjoy Vineyard worship you will love The Rocks Cry Out. Even if you’re not a Vineyard type, this CD still has enough to offer to make it worth your while.
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