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Tru-Life - 'The Journal Vol. 1'

Tru-Life - 'The Journal Vol. 1' - The Basics

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Tru-Life - The Journal Vol. 1

Tru-Life - The Journal Vol. 1

  • Style: Gospel Rap
  • 17 songs
  • Released: 2005

Tru-Life - 'The Journal Vol. 1' - Could be a Page From Anyone's Life

The Cross Movement's Tru-Life is the third member to release a solo project in 2005, and what a project it is. Seriously bangin' beats with a touch of old-school funk and a light sprinkling of latin flava meets lyrics that reach you were you're at. The Journal could be a page from just about anyone's life, with real issues and, more importantly, the one real answer.

My favorite track was the latin-tinged "Steppin' Out," which unlike many of Tru-Life's secular counterparts, honors the sancticty of marriage and chronicled a story that probably plays out on a daily basis all across America.

The highest praise that I can give this release is to share what happened in my office as I was listening to it. Two of my 16 year old son's friends came in my office to say hello. These aren't kids of faith, but they're good kids none-the-less. One walked right in and asked what I was listening to. The other one stood at the door, dancing, before taking the CD cover from his friend. They both wanted to know all about the artist and commented how he must be "really new" since they hadn't heard him before. Both boys were amazed that what they were listening to was gospel rap.

They sat in here, instead of going in the living room to play video games with my boys, through-out the majority of the CD. Vic's favorite track was "Memories" and Bacari's was "If I Could" and both boys asked if they could borrow/have the CD when I was finished with it.

You just don't get better than that.

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