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ZOEgirl - 'Room to Breathe'

ZOEgirl - 'Room to Breathe' - The Basics

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Courtesy of Sparrow Records
  • Style: Pop
  • 11 Songs
  • Release Date: March, 2005

ZOEgirl - 'Room to Breathe' - The Review

I have to be really honest here - I am by nature a "die hard" metal head! While I would rather have it loud and proud, the musician in me loves to explore different styles, sounds and ideas along the way. Sometimes while exploring I find a real gem and Breathe is definitely one of those. I was blown away by this release. The CD is packed with a little something for everyone and it's truly a good listen.

ZOEgirl delivers a punch while mixing top 40, pop/rock and surprisingly soulful creations. Vocally the delivery is deeply heartfelt and soulful with a hint of some blues on "Reason To Live" and a good solid rock delivery on "Let It Out."

Lyrically this CD carries an excellent message and paints an honest and passionate picture. Musically it is well written and put together quite well. The release covers a lot of musical ground and offers something for all audiences.

I wasn't a fan before, but now I'm hooked and I look forward to hearing more great music from ZOEgirl in the future.

ZOEgirl - Room To Breathe

ZOEgirl - Room To Breathe

Room to Breathe Track Listing:

  1. Reason To Live
  2. Dead Serious
  3. About You
  4. Scream
  5. Forevermore
  6. The Way You Love Me
  7. Let It Out
  8. Good Girl
  9. Not The One
  10. Skin Deep
  11. Safe
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