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Sanctus Real - 'We Need Each Other'

'We Need Each Other' - The Basics

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Sanctus Real - We Need Each Other

Sanctus Real - We Need Each Other

  • Style: Christian modern rock
  • 10 songs
  • Released: February, 2008

'We Need Each Other' - The Review

Matt Hammitt and the rest of the Sanctus Real crew came out strong in 2002 and, like fine wine, they've just gotten better as they've aged. Their fourth studio album, We Need Each Other, is their best to date with a mix of modern rock, pop and worship that flows effortlessly from one sound to the next, and with lyrics that you don't just hear ... the impact of these are messages will be felt long after the CD is finished playing.

The rocking opener "Turn on the Lights" hits hard and gets your attention in a big way. With the simple (yet sometimes easily forgotten) message that we are to be the light of the world, this tune reminds us that we are here to bring forth hope and light.

My personal favorite, "Black Coal" tells the story of digging past the garbage (ie. tragedy, scars and pain) in someone's life to find the diamond within. Too often we allow ourselves to believe that the events that have occurred in our lives define us. "Black Coal" is a great reminder to look beyond the event because our definition comes from our Creator, not our circumstances.

The strong follow-up, "Leap Of Faith," takes the theme of that message a bit farther. This one hits home with me because I believe that God will let you come back around to your own fears, insecurities and issues as many times as you want to, until you are ready to give them up to Him.

    Back in the same place
    You've been here before
    Stuck in a maze trying to find an open door
    Pray for the strength and take a leap of faith

The soft and melodic sounds of “Whatever You’re Doing” show that in our human-ness, we have a hard time giving up control to God because we don't know what He's doing in our lives.

    Whatever You're doing inside of me
    It feels like chaos but somehow there's peace
    It's hard to surrender to what I can't see
    but I'm giving in to something Heavenly

The anthem-like "Lay Down My Guns" uses war as spiritual metaphor and is perfectly timed in this day and age. With the violence around the world, fighting within the churches and the denominations and neighborhoods that just plain aren't safe anymore, we all long for the day when we can have peace.

    Lay down my guns and lift my hands
    Surrender to Love and live again
    May this desert reach its end where my new life begins
    When I lay down my guns and lift my hands

Bottom line ... From start to finish the music and lyrics found on We Need Each Other are gripping. I dare you to listen to this album and not find a song or two that seems like it speaks directly to you and your heart.

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