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Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives - 'Souls' Chapel'

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Marty Stuart - Souls' Chapel

Marty Stuart - Souls' Chapel

The Bottom Line

Delta blues, old-time country and the signature Marty Stuart sound meet in a big way in Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives - Souls' Chapel.

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  • Even if country isn't your thing, this music will speak to you


  • Not a one


  • Style: Country/blues
  • 12 songs
  • Released - August 30, 2005 on Universal South Records

Guide Review - Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives - 'Souls' Chapel'

Sadly, for many secular artists, something like a DUI is worn as almost a badge of honor that they've officially made it to "bad boy" status. Not so with Marty Stuart. It was a turning point for him to go back to his roots - his gospel bluegrass roots from being a 12 year old mandolin player with the Sullivan Family Singers - and start living with his life on track. Getting Pops Staples' guitar from Mavis and Yvonne set it in stone. He said, "Gospel music should represent the truth. The truth is, the creative process of this record was stalled when I got arrested and sent to jail for DUI. I was so humiliated. I also felt powerless not being able to live out the message of what I was singing about here."

Marty went from singing Gospel songs on the bus while on tour to singing them on stage. And sing them he does! I've always liked Marty Stuart and this is one of his best releases, in my opinion. I'm not alone in that thought either. Publications from the secular to the urban gospel are hailing this as an absolute winner.

Think delta blues, meets Grand Ole Opry in an old-timey tent revival atmosphere and you'll begin to get the picture of this release. Stand out tracks include "Somebody Saved Me," "Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time," "Way Down," "Come Into the House of the Lord," "The Gospel Story of Noah's Ark," "It's Time to Go Home" and "There's A Rainbow (At the End of Every Storm)".

My hat's off to Marty Stuart and his band - this release is awesome!

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
SOUL'S CHAPEL, Member imjimmienell

If this won't bring u back 2 the Lord-----I do not know! I love all of the songs but SOMEBODY SAVED ME brought me 2 tears and I CAN'T EVEN WALK (without holding your hand)is a heart throbber 2! I've only listened 2 this cd 2x --just got it so I'm sure the other's will get in my heart also. Like Marty I too am married to someone 17 years my junior--married 31 years! Keep up the good work Marty, we all love you.

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Kim Jones
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