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Michael W. Smith - 'It's A Wonderful Christmas'

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Michael W. Smith - It's A Wonderful Christmas

Michael W. Smith - It's A Wonderful Christmas

Provident Music

The Bottom Line

Michael W. Smith obviously really loves Christmas because he has released his third Christmas album, It's A Wonderful Christmas, this year. While all but one of the songs are new and original, that isn't necessarily a bad thing because his touching and extremely sincere vocals, combined with the large and lavish sound of a 65-piece orchestra and four choirs, make this release an easy pick for a new classic holiday album.

You may not find familiar here, but you'll certainly find plenty of new favorites.


  • Smitty is backed by a 65-piece orchestra and four choirs
  • You don't just hear this music ... you feel it to the core of your being
  • Mandisa makes a guest appearance


  • 10 of the tracks are originals, so if you're looking for familiar songs, you won't find them here


  • Style: Christmas Music
  • 11 songs
  • Released: October 2007 on Reunion Records

Guide Review - Michael W. Smith - 'It's A Wonderful Christmas'

In his long and notable career, Michael W. Smith has made a lot of great music and he hasn't been afraid to take chances, doing things a bit differently from everyone else. It's A Wonderful Christmas is certainly no different from the "Smitty-norm" in that respect.

The album is comprised of 11 tracks and was recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studio in London. With a huge orchestra backing him, Smitty threw in everything but the kitchen sink ... including bagpipes, an instrument you probably wouldn't normally associate with Michael W. Smith! Yes, on the beautifully done instrumental "A Highland Carol," bagpipes take center stage and they shine and shine and shine!

"Christmas Angels," featuring the young Jonas Myrin from the UK is another stand-out track and the perfect way to open the show. Big choir, beautiful voices and a powerful message ... you just can't ask for anything more.

"The Promise," another absolute winner, has every single element required for a 5-star rating as does "Christmas Day" which features Mandisa.

Yes, only six of the tracks have vocals, but it doesn't take away from the "Christmas feeling" in the least. Michael is an incredible composer and his talents blaze through in every single song. It's A Wonderful Christmas can easily become a new Christmas classic and it will certainly be enjoyed for years and years to come.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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