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Starfield - 'Beauty in the Broken'

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


Starfield - Beauty in the Broken

Starfield - Beauty in the Broken

Courtesy of: EMI CMG

The Bottom Line

There is some good music on Starfield's sophomore release, just as there are some good vocals. However, to my ears, there just isn't much in the way of growth. I heard too many shades of other groups (both secular and Christian) that the band obviously listens to and admires. There is nothing wrong with hearing something that you like and making elements of it your own, but don't simply be a copycat! Put enough of yourself in there that it becomes yours.
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  • "Love Is The Reversal"


  • I wish they had done more to grow their own sound, instead of sounding more like a "knock-off"


  • Style: Modern worship
  • 11 songs
  • Release Date: May 16, 2006

Guide Review - Starfield - 'Beauty in the Broken'

The opening track on Beauty in the Broken got my hopes up for a great sophomore release. "My Generation" really rocks! It's not like it went downhill from there - it just sort of coasted along until track four, "Everything Is Beautiful." Skip forward from there to track seven, "Unashamed," and there just wasn't much that made me feel like I could lose myself in the music and the moment. It's not that the music or the lyrics were bad, they were okay, but I want my music to be more than just okay.

"Love Is The Reversal," track eight, was a personal favorite. I have to admit it though -- it reminded me more of Switchfoot than Starfield.

I think that is my biggest gripe about this release overall. It was as if Starfield was so busy sounding like everyone else that they forgot to sound like Starfield. And that left too many minutes of music that were okay, but not something that I would listen to over and over again.


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