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The Violet Burning - 'Drop Dead'

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The Violet Burning - Drop Dead

The Violet Burning - Drop Dead

The Violet Burning

The Bottom Line

Drop Dead is more similar to The Violet Burning's earlier material than some of their later releases. It's a solid alternative/ new wave album that should please fans of that kind of music.


  • Original music unlike any I've heard in the Christian market
  • Great musicians
  • Unique vocal arrangements


  • A few songs are hard for me to listen to all the way through


  • Style: Modern alternative/new wave rock
  • 12 songs
  • Release Date: 2006

Guide Review - The Violet Burning - 'Drop Dead'

The Violet Burning is a veteran band that has been together for over ten years. They have put together an album that should appeal to fans of Depeche Mode & The Pet Shop Boys, but they also should appeal to the alternative crowd. Michael Pritzl talks a lot about relationships in his lyrics, both with people and God. He talks about some of his struggles, but he speaks of hope as well. The bands lyrical approach and diverse sound should allow them to be relatable to a wide range of people.

This is a pretty good album overall that shows a lot of diversity. Some of my personal favorites are, "All I Want," "Already Gone," & "Rewind." All of the music fits together nicely on these songs, which includes nice synthesizers and vocal effects. The last song on the album, "One Thousand Years," has the the most straight up message of all the songs. It talks about running back to God after all the hardships and sin that abound in life.

There are a few songs that, for me, kind of drag along throughout the album. Then again, I've never really listened to The Violet Burning before, so maybe it's just me. Overall, I think Drop Dead is a solid album. It's definitely worth checking out for people that like new wave music!

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