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Christian Music for Kids

Here you'll find information on Christian artists who perform music just for kids or artists who have done special projects geared towards kids.

Christian Music Geared Towards Children
Learn more about Christian Music that is geared towards kids.

Kids in Christian Music
In our culture there are plenty of young stars saturating the airwaves. Some of them do a great job of setting a good example for kids. Others behave like train wrecks and their antics and mistakes are prominently featured everywhere.

Top 10 Veggie Tales Movies
If you have small children there is no way you aren't familiar with the lovable characters from The Veggie Tales. Teaching values like kindness, forgiveness and honesty in a fun way, these movies are childhood favorites.

The Praise Baby Collection
In January of 2004 a new face in Christian videos for children was introduced. The Praise Baby Collection was designed to create a nurturing, interactive environment for the development of a child’s spirit and mind using top praise and worship songs mixed with colorful images and animations.

This indie folk/bluegrass band is dedicated to making Christian music for (sm)all ages. On their site, you can hear clips, learn more about the husband and wife team behind it all and even download coloring pages!  

His CDs "Kids Favorites" and "Yo Kidz 1 & 2" are still favorites with young people. This profile shows his discography and has links to lyrics and his official site.

Christopher Duffley
On the twelve-year-old blind and autistic YouTube sensation Christopher Duffley's official site, you can check out the latest news about what he's doing, see photos and find upcoming events.

Cross the Sky Music
Cross the Sky is a youth music ministry. They offer several compilation CD's featuring today's popular artists that teens are sure to love.

Though they retired in 2007, Jump5 will always be remembered as one of the first "tween" bands.

Miss PattyCake
Miss PattyCake's Preschool ministry changes hearts forever with party ideas, a scrap book, music and more.

Mission Six
On the official Mission Six site, be sure to take a look at their journal. It's full of some great devotionals.

Richter, Chip
Chip Richter is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who brings music to the table that is particularly appealing to children. His site features an online store, sound clips, photos and more.

Teach Me Tapes
Teach Me Tapes, Inc. has spent twenty years creating foreign language learning products for children. Their most recently released products are Teach Me Spiritual Songs, which now are available in Spanish and in French.

The Donut Man
His official site is full of songs and videos that kids can play and coloring pages too. Rob Evans' home on the web is as fun as his music.

The Rubyz
While you're visiting The Rubyz official site, you'll be able to listen to their music and see plenty of videos.

Rebecca St. James - Celebrating Easter With "Hope" and VeggieTales
St. James is the first recording artist to partner her talents with the VeggieTales brand.

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