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Is There Christian Music Specifically For Kids?




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Question: Is There Christian Music Specifically For Kids?
I don't think that there is anything sweeter than the sound of a little child singing about Jesus. While Sunday school has a great deal to do with our little ones learning the songs, another genre' within Christian music that is especially for kids helps a great deal.

Answer: It's never too early to start our little ones off with music that teaches about Jesus. There are CDs and DVDs available that will soothe infants and be the delight of any toddlers or young child's day. The emergence of the tween culture set up music too. Bands made up of teens and tweens deliver music that their peers will not only love, but learn from.

For Infants

For Toddlers and Pre-K

For Young Children

Young kids are ready to start learning a little more and DVDs are not only fun and entertaining, they also can help little ones grasp ideas.

For Tweens

The music for youth of the 21st century has even added a more modern flavor with compilation releases of currently popular music from major Christian labels like Integrity Music, Word Music and Fervent Records.

Jump5 was the first band that came out specifically aimed at the pre-teen group. Since they have disbanded, several other groups have worked hard to fill the gap.

Other young artists appeal to both kids and young adults and they work very hard to maintain the balance of entertainment and ministry.

Adult Artists Doing Projects for Kids

Some adult contemporary artists have released projects specifically for kids.

  • Carman
  • Sandi Patty
  • Steve Green

Recommended Christian Albums for Kids

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