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Christian Music Playlists

Christian Music Playlists and top songs from your favorite bands and artists

New Christian Songs - August 2014
New Christian Songs features the best new contemporary, rock and worship songs hitting Christian radio stations. These are tunes that you don't want to miss!

Top Bill Gaither Songs

 Bill Gaither has been making music since 1966, so he's got a huge catalog to choose the "best" songs from. 

Top Caedmon's Call Songs
Since 1993, Caedmon's Call has blended traditional folk with world music and alternative rock. They have releases nine full-length albums and four EPs, garnering 14 top five radio hits (seven of which went all the way to #1), and selling more than 1 million albums.

Top Casting Crowns Songs
With Four RIAA-certified Platinum albums, 19 Dove Awards and 1 American Music Award, Casting Crowns has been the most played artist on all Christian radio formats combined and is the fastest CCM artist in its career to have its first two albums certified Platinum, and only the second in RIAA history ever to achieve it (the other being Jars of...

Top Chris Tomlin Songs
Chris Tomlin is the most often sung contemporary artist in U.S. congregations every week (about 40 million), which could easily make him the most sung artist anywhere. He also has more songs on CCLI’s chart than anyone else on the planet.

Top Donnie McClurkin Songs
Donnie McClurkin has earned a trophy case full of Dove and Stellar Awards plus other honors including an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Gospel Artist. For a boy who came from a home ravaged by domestic violence and drug abuse, and who also, as an adult, fought and beat leukemia, this is more than just a simple success story. It is a testament...

Top Fernando Ortega Songs
Fernando Ortega's family lived in Chimayo, NM (a village near the banks of the Rio Grande) for eight generations, working as artisans and weavers. It is from that heritage, as well as his classical training at The University of New Mexico, that his unique sound comes from. He has shared that sound on 14 albums.

Top Jason Crabb Songs
Jason Crabb has won close to 20 Dove Awards and a GRAMMY, meaning he has a lot of great music to choose from.

Jeremy Camp Songs

From rock to worship, Jeremy Camp has wowed us since 2002. If you are new to his music and aren't sure where to start, these essential songs are a great place to get your first Jeremy Camp experience.

Top MercyMe Songs
I think that pretty much everyone on the planet over the age of 10 has heard MercyMe's "I Can Only Imagine" since it did spend 11 weeks at #1 on Billboard, played on Christian radio as well as mainstream stations and has been covered by Christian artists and country artists alike. But what about other great MercyMe tunes that didn't get quite as...

Top Newsboys Songs
Since their formation in the late '80s, Newsboys have had twenty-one #1 radio hits, 5 gold records and they have sold over 6 million albums. They have won 2 Dove awards, started their own record label (Inpop Records) and have been featured in more secular media outlets than most Christian bands.

Top Nicole C. Mullen Songs
Listen for the award winners and some of Nicole C. Mullen's best songs.

Top Ray Boltz Songs
For over 25 years, Ray Boltz has been singing songs about Jesus. He has over 15 albums of music to choose from.

Top Russ Taff Songs
We've heard him sing with The Imperials and The Gaither Vocal Band, as well as being a solo artist. With over 30 years in the Gospel music industry, that makes for a lot of great music to choose from and it begs the question -- which Russ Taff (solo) songs are the best?

Top Skillet Songs
Top Skillet songs - if you're looking for some great rock, you found it!

Top tobyMac Songs
As a solo artist, tobyMac has won 9 Dove Awards. As a member of dcTalk, he won 4 GRAMMYs and another 16 Doves. That makes for a lot of great music with tobyMac's mark on it.

Top Yolanda Adams Songs
Yolanda Adams has such great music that picking "top" songs is hard!

Christian Hard Rock Summer Playlist (2014)
5 Christian hard rock songs that will rock your summer!

Urban Gospel Back to School 2014 Playlist
Start your day off praising God with some of the finest Urban Gospel musicians in the charts right now.

Christian Inspirational Playlist
If you're new to the Inspo genre, you may be wondering where to start. The Starter Songs List is a great jumping off point, combining some of the best inspirational songs from today as well as timeless classics.

Christian Punk Playlist
Not ones to conform, Christian punk rockers aren't your typical "anti-establishment." Instead their definition of not conforming is based on Romans 12:2 where Paul spoke of not living to the standards of the world. These bands all do that quite well and they do it with a sense of style and fun that works as a gentle reminder that there is plenty of joy in serving the Lord.

Christian Rap Playlist
Get ready for summer 2014 with a fun, yet hard-hitting, Christian rap playlist.

Popular Christian Hymns
These hymns were all written over a hundred years ago, but still have life and deep meaning today.

Songs About God
Each of the songs in this playlist have God's name in the title as well as in the lyrics.

Christian Songs About God's Creation
The Bible tells us that God created the Universe in six days and rested on the seventh day. These 7 songs share the majesty of God's creation.

Christian Songs About God's Love
Christian songs that help remind you to walk through your day with love (knowing you are loved).

Christian Songs About One God, One Savior and One way to Heaven
I frequently get asked which songs will fit into a specific theme. "One" is a popular request, probably because as Christians we believe in One God, One Savior and One way to Heaven. Thus, the list of "Christian Songs About One" was born.

Gospel Songs About Heaven
Heaven is going to be a wonderful place and these Gospel songs give a tiny hint of just how wonderful!

Christian Songs About Life
All of these songs are about life as a Christian. My hope is that they bless you as much as they bless me.

Christian Songs About Miracles
Miracles come to us in all shapes and sizes. These songs, all performed by artists from different backgrounds and genres, remind us that a. miracles do exist and b. you're not alone in praying for one.

Christian Songs About Peace
Jesus spoke of peace in John 14:27 when he said, "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful." These songs are all wonderful for a soundtrack for peace.

Christian Songs of Worship
Christian worship songs that help take you to the Throne Room with their beauty and heartfelt lyrics.

Christian Songs With Messages That Don't Fade Away
These Christian songs may have the word fade in their titles, but they are so popular that they will never fade from view.

Songs for People Who Feel Separated From God
Feeling lost and alone doesn't mean that you're a "bad Christian" and you're not the only person to ever hit a rough spot. Many other Christians have found themselves in pools of darkness, unable to see where the darkness ends and the light begins.

Christian Songs For When You Are Struggling
Christian songs that help you fight the good fight when you're struggling with life.

Driving Songs
The Top 10 Christian Driving Songs are all upbeat and easy to sing along with.

Songs of Summer Playlist 2011
In my world, summer means lots of family, friends, food and plenty of great music.

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